There where a couple events going on this past weekend and I wanted to be in attendance for both. 1) Because  I love concerts and shows and 2) to let people who missed out know how HOT the event was and for them not to miss out on the next one.

First stop was Bryson Tillers Trap Soul Tour concert at Uticia College. When me and Dj Supreme arrived on campus it definitely did not look or feel like it was a concert going on because to our little knowlege the concert was not directly on campus but down the road at the AUD arena. Anyways Bryson Tiller put on a great show performing every song off his Trap Soul Album and if you have been a fan since day one he performed songs that he recorded before he got signed. From the way the crowd was vibing and signing along the show was definitely a success.

Dj Supreme,BrysonTiller and KeishaRenee

Saturdays event was a little different no music and dancing but instead it was alot of laughter. Corey Holcomb,Jimmy Martinez, Rob Stapleton and Chico Bean made there way to Troy Savings Bank in Troy, NY. First to hit the stage was Chico Bean from MTV's Wild N Out, Chico also hosted the show. Next up was Rob Stapleton followed by Jimmy Martinez and then to end the show no other than Corey Holcomb. Each comedian had there own style of jokes. The thing with comedians is there is no hold bars on what to talk about Everything is a GO! Even the jokes that some would think were borderline or were about a sensitive topic you couldnt do nothing but laugh, because lets face the fact the jokes were funny.Overall the show itself was pretty good and most of all the crowd was laughing. For those who missed out well, you just should of been there.

Chico Bean and KeishaRenee
Corey Holcomb and KeishaRenee