I'm fairly new to the Capital District and I haven't gotten familiar with downtown Albany at all.This not knowing came in handy Monday when I stumbled across what I thought was just downtown hustle and bustle but turned out to be traffic due to Mr.Bernie Sanders having a speaking engagement.

I've been following the recent election but not as closely as alot of my colleagues.So,I was intrigued to know exactly what was going on and about to be said in my new city.After circling for what felt like hours for parking I got a space right across from the Armory where he was about to speak.

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I felt so much energy in the air and despite the rain there was a line that spanned three blocks with anxious and seemingly happy supporters.Due to the rain and my spontaneity I was only able to faintly hear from the speakers outside.I loved  seeing the belief and excitement of the people with umbrellas and signs that didn't get discouraged because of bad weather.

I DID feel like I stumbled across something historic and I unknowing became part of a great thing that was happening in the city I now call home.It was cold and rainy but I managed to hear him speak on jobs in America,and what  marriage should be for all people.I wish that I could've heard more and stayed longer but motherhood calls.I'm still undecided about my vote  but much more excited about the Capital District and this year's election.