If I say, business in front and party in the back, what comes to mind? The mullet of course!

The mullet style haircut that so many men sported in the 1980's is making a comeback and some are so majestic they could be award winning. Get ready for the USA Mullet Championships, coming to New York State this September!

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The USA Mullet Championship is exactly what it sounds like, a competition for the best mullets in the country and now New York has home field advantage for one of the live competitions coming up this Summer!

On Saturday September 3rd, Labor Day Weekend, the USA Mullet Championships will take place at the National Buffalo Wing Festival at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo. Registration for this date is not open yet. Keep checking HERE to enter the Mane Event, Kid's Division or Female (Femullet) category.

That could give you enough time to grow a new mullet or refine the one you currently have. It could be worth the effort with fame and fortune. The Female Division has $1,000 in prize money available but you have to register before May 1, 2022.

There are currently 5 Live Competitions schedule from April 30th to September 23rd. The first takes place in Tunica, Mississippi then on to Iowa, Indiana, New York and wrapping up in Lewisville, Texas.


Before you start scrolling through the gallery of mullet pictures below think back on all of the legendary celebrities and athletes that once sported a mullet. Why wouldn't it make a comeback? Bono! Joe Dirt! Billy Ray Cyrus! Need I say more?

Mullet Pictures! I Can't Stop Scrolling!

Adults! Kids! Male! Female! The Mullet Championships are coming to New York State in 2022. Here's some of what you can expect.

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