Ever give your morning coffee a shot of whiskey? That'll be sure to give you a buzz all day long!  That's what R&B singer Miguel is up to teaming up with Jack Daniels for his new single "Coffee".


Who doesn't need a boost of caffeine in the early morning to get your day started off right?  I know I can always use a kick of caffeine to start off my day! What about a shot of whiskey in that coffee? Wouldn't that just make Happy Hour about eight hours early?

Miguel delivers us a nice cup of "Coffee", his new single off of his much anticipated third album"Wildheart".


Miguel has teamed up with Jack Daniels as part of their "Uncut Sessions" series. The video is a cool black & white picture shot through a circular lens as if we are peeking into a private party in a VIP lounge.

This is what Miguel said about his new single "Coffee":

“This song is special because it kind of kicked off the album,” explained Miguel. “It really helped define the sound for the album. I was just really wanting to capture hope and desperation that is all over Los Angeles. That’s why the song in allegory kind of covers the beautiful parts, and then sonically it’s kind of darker.”


Check out the video!