The Migos are reaching monumental levels of success, and with that comes a lot of perks they're able to embrace. The hip-hop trio was recruited by GQ to take a trip to Mike Tyson's mansion, where they got a full tour of the insides from the former boxing champion himself. Not only did the guys get to see his famous championship belts, but they also got a special glimpse at his bird room.

Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff arrive at Tyson's home in Las Vegas, where they were able to chop it up with the former fighter before he took them through his household. While in the car, the guys share their excitement over seeing the bird coop, with Quavo mentioning, "They say my boy Mike got the birds in the trap," as he and Offset imitate bird noises. The coop shows hundreds of birds in cages, where they're fed their own bottles of Fiji water. Tyson mentions that he keeps them in the coop for about two weeks before he lets them out to be free. He says they always come back, unless a hawk or a falcon gets them while they're out flying.

Later in the footage, the boys run into Mike Tyson's 8-year-old daughter Milan playing the piano in the living room, with them telling her to "keep it up." Fortunately, it's not the same daughter that Drizzy once tried to date, so the "Bad and Boujee" rappers didn't have to keep a distance.

Prior to leaving the house, Tyson tells Migos that the "future is now" and that "it's your guys' time" before chanting the catchy hook to their hit single "Versace."

Watch the footage of Migos at Mike Tyson's mansion below.

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