NY schools are going to be introducing a mental health curriculum

Mental health has become one of the relevant issues that has been plaguing our society for quite some time. People are becoming more aware of its impact and are taking the necessary steps to recognize and eradicate the issue. Mental health advocated want lawmakers to make sure there is enough funding to properly teach the students. In 2016 a bill was passed that allowed the expansion of the curriculum so that mental health is included.


New York will be the first state requiring mental health to be taught in schools. It would be taught just as physical health, sexual health and diet nutrition so that teachers don’t feel they have to provide any extra care to the students, but can advise them to seek help from a guidance counselor, or therapist. Now we have a way of making sure our students are being safe in schools and have the proper knowledge about mental health issues. Read more on its development here. How do you think implementing mental health in schools will fair in the long run? Tell us what you think.

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