Melissa McCarthy hosted 'Saturday Night Live' for the third time last night (Feb. 1), and she had quite a physical evening! She appeared as a Broadway singer in the Super Bowl-themed cold open... and then she beat the crap out of cast member Bobby Moynihan during her opening monologue.

McCarthy and Moynihan had beef. He booed her from the audience, flashing back to her being a rude diva behavior to him during her last stint as host. The pair proceeded to engage in a zen-like martial arts battle that saw them suspended in mid-air, McCarthy beating the crap out of him with a bat and doing backflips. It was death-defying, leaving Moynihan to yell, 'Alright, I'm dead.'

The hilarious actress was like a freakin' Olympian. She beat up Kenan Thompson during the promos for the ep, so McCarthy was in ultra violent mode.

In fact, McCarthy's whole ep was incredibly physical. In pre-taped segments in the skit where she played Congresswoman Sheila Kelly, she assaulted a reporter questioning her authority and hit a passerby filming her on their cell. She also shot a security camera and punched cops.

The moral of the story -- don't mess with M. McCarthy!

Watch Melissa McCarthy Beat People Up on 'SNL'