Meek Mill returned to court on Monday (June 18) to request a retrial of his 2008 conviction by Judge Genece Brinkley on multiple charges related to gun and drug possession. Despite the Philadelphia District Attorney's office supporting the rapper's request, Brinkley said that she needed more time before ruling. However, Meek's defense is pessimistic, claiming the judge treated the hearing with mockery and scorn, at one point even laughing at a key witness while he was on the stand.

The witness, longtime public defender Bradley Bridge, as well as Meek's lawyers, called out Brinkley during the hearing, according to a partial transcript obtained by TMZ.

"Do you believe I have been ridiculing you?" the judge asked Bridge. He responded, "There were a couple moments where I sensed that was true." Brinkley followed up, "And that I was laughing at you? [One of Meek's lawyers] used the word laughing." A defense attorney interjected, "You did laugh." The judge denied this, prompting another member of the defense to say, "Your honor, I heard you laughing at him." The defense added, "All three lawyers heard you laugh."

Brinkley, who sentenced Meek to prison last year for a probation violation based on since-dismissed charges (mere months before that 10-year probation, stemming from the 2008 conviction, was set to expire), has been a consistent target by the rapper's attorneys. They've submitted evidence that the judge has a personal vendetta against their client, alleged a pattern of judicial misconduct and asked the Supreme Court to remove Brinkley from the proceedings. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recommended in April that she recuse herself from Meek's case, but Brinkley refused.

Meek's request for a retrial is largely based on the disputed credibility of his arresting officer Reginald Graham. Graham, who also happened to be the only testifying witness in the rapper's 2008 trial, was revealed in March to be included on a "do not call" list, maintained by the Philadelphia District Attorney's office, that catalogues officers with known histories of lying, racial bias and/or brutality.

The list was intended to prevent corrupt officers from taking the witness stand. Since it was published in March, a different Philadelphia judge has agreed to overturn three other decisions from cases in which Graham testified, according to Billboard. It's unclear why Brinkley needs more time to do the same.

Meek was released from jail on bail in April in order to appeal his convictions.

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