Meek Mill is backing out of an invite to the White House to discuss prison reform. According to a report from TMZ, the Wins & Losses rapper was scheduled to head to the White House today (May 19) but has decided against it.

The Philadelphia rapper was going to take part in a prison reform summit at the White House, although it is uncertain if President Donald Trump was going to be present. According to sources, celebrities close to Meek had urged the rapper not to attend.

In a statement given to XXL, Meek confirms he was scheduled to be a part of a White House panel but says the focus shifted to him and the president. "I was originally scheduled to be part of a panel on Prison Reform at the White House to help shed light on the issues within the system," the rapper's statement read.

"Unfortunately, the focus turned to the President and myself which concerned me that it might take away from creating a positive result from today’s discussions," he continued. "As a result, I decided not to attend, so that the focus would be solely on fixing our prison system. Most importantly, I remain fully committed to improving our criminal justice system.”

Since his release from prison in April, Meek has made an effort to discuss criminal justice reform during interviews and has called himself a "sacrifice for a better cause." During a sit-down with NBC's Lester Holt, the rapper said his situation was no different than what "thousands of other minorities" go through every day. "They just don't have the platform to have anybody speak on their behalf," he added.

While Meek will continue to work on new music, the Philly MC also says he now has a job to help people like himself. "I think God delivered me a job to help people, helping minorities that come from these situations like myself," he said. "I say don't show me no pity because this is my life. This is what I've been going through and I think God put me in this position to be able to do a show with Lester Holt and open up eyes for other young Black men."

Up next for Meek Milly, the rapper will be appearing at the 2018 Hot 97 Summer Jam concert. Meek will be joining a star-studded lineup that includes Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Ferg, Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez and more.

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