Many businesses and organizations are struggling financially right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. One local charitable nonprofit organization scored really big when philanthropist McKenzie Scott gave them a huge donation. McKenzie Scott is the ex-wife of Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos.

Ms. Scott has made huge donations to at least 20 organizations nationally including several Historically Black Colleges and Universities. According to News10, The United Way of the Capital Region was the most recent recipient of a generous donation. Ms. Scott donated $5 million to the organization.

Peter Gannon is the President and CEO of United Way of the Greater Capital Region. He recently spoke about the generous donation his organization received from Ms. Scott. He said, “At United Way we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community, and this year our work was more meaningful than ever as we supported our neighbors through the COVID-19 crisis. It is an honor to be recognized by Ms. Scott for our impactful work and this is only the beginning. This donation will help us drive innovative solutions to deep-rooted and social issues and advance community well-being for years to come.“

Mr. Gannon also spoke about how he could use the gift to continue with their ability to have an impact on the social issues we continue to struggle with within the Capital Region.

The United Way has never received a donation this large and hopefully it will have a substantial impact on their ability to help others.

Making impactful donations to nonprofit organizations throughout the country is a commendable act. Join us in saying “Thank You“ to Ms. McKenzie Scott.

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