Do I look like a give a f---? The acronym for that phrase, Dilligaf, is familiar to those who frequent Canada Street in Lake George. Dilligaf is one of the stores that sells shirts and other novelties with naughty words on them. Safe to say, if you don’t want your grams to have a stroke, you wouldn’t want to wear any of their clothing or accessories to Thanksgiving dinner.

The store caters to rebellious youngsters who, like the name of the store, don’t give a f--- what you think about their swag. The Mayor of LG has been requesting that shirts with x-rated slogans be moved from windows facing some of the more family-friendly establishments nearby.

The owner of the store acknowledges that his store isn’t for everyone, but it must be doing something right to justify two locations on one city block.

The mayor and owner have had a back and forth b----fest for several years now. You can check out some quotes of the bickering in a piece from the Times Union. This week, the owner William Massry, taped “censored” stickers over the profane words on the items displayed in the store’s window.

Stay classy, Lake George!