According to wnyt, the mayor of Albany is telling people to stay away from the New York State Capitol and Empire State Plaza on Friday, May 1. The mayor has heard rumblings of a big rally to repeat the rally last week. If you missed last week's episode these people made national news last week for going out and “protesting” the state’s stay at home order. They were out there with pick up trucks maga hats and lets not forget confederate flags.... in New York by the way.
These people are gathering without a permit, I've seen backyard kids birthday party’s being stopped by swat teams recently for less.   I've seen people forcefully removed from stores for not having on a mask. How these people are allowed to have a mass gathering like this is beyond me.
They are ultimately putting others' lives at risk and there is an entitlement vibe about these protesters. These people don’t like being told what to do and there were rumors about some of them being armed.
There is nothing the mayor or city can do to stop them from gathering and showing their muscle but use force.  The wording of her message is suggesting that people don’t participate but don’t offer any consequences.  Should these people be arrested or is it even worth the trouble?
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