It's shrouded in mystery. We knew a ton of roads are closed in Albany for a filming but didn't know a ton about it. I did some research and I have more details on what's coming to Albany.

If you're driving through Albany next week, you may have a very frustrating commute with all of the road closures but it's for a very cool reason. I found with Film: Albany that there was a show called "Crime" coming to the Capital Region but we couldn't find anything about it. Then, we found that "Crime" was going on season 2 but again, no information, how is this possible?

Until I did some more research and "Crime", according to Omega Underground, "Crime" is just a working title for Marvel's The Punisher! If they're right, that would mean MARVEL'S THE PUNISHER IS FILMING IN ALBANY, NY NEXT WEEK!

DigitalSpy is reporting that season 2 will be released on December 12th and there are rumors that Daredevil (another Netflix Marvel show) will be crossing over at some point, no word on if that'll be here or what this particular scene will be about but it'll be so cool to try and spot Albany landmarks on Netflix.

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