Finally after months of waiting and rumors, the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is here. After all the delays, it’s got a lot going on. For example, watch when Peter walks past a bunch of protestors and you’ll see one is carrying a sign that reads “Devil in Disguise” with a picture of Tom Holland on it. Now this is interesting because No Way Home seems to be drawn in large part from a Marvel Comics storyline called “One More Day,” where the world learns that Peter Parker is really Spider-Man, and then Peter has to figure out a way to make everyone in the world forget his secret identity.

In the comics, as in No Way Home, he first approaches Dr. Strange. But then Strange turns him down — so he winds up making a deal with the literal devil of Marvel, Mephisto. So is this a clever reference to Mephisto’s role in the comic? Or is it foreshadowing the fact that Mephisto will somehow play a role in No Way Home? That’s just one of the fun Easter eggs and secrets in the trailer. For many more, watch below:

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