Mariah Carey is definitely dating in her tax bracket these days.  She's hooked up with Australian billionaire businessman James Packer. Nick Cannon aint no scrub but is he jealous?

Mariah Carey is just that type of woman who may need to be in a relationship 7 have a man in her life. She tends to rebound quick after breakups, & with the divorce from Nick Cannon being finalized, is he moving too fast? Is Nick jealous?

Mariah 45 & James Packer 48, have been dating only five months, & the diva just moved out of her mansion that she was renting after the separation from her ex Nick & into the Aussie billionaire's Beverly Hills. mansion. Wow I can't believe the diva is shacking up so quickly.

Not exactly "a looker" in my eyes, but James Packer may bring a certain charisma & refinement that MC's other men were lacking. She certainly seems smitten with him!

No word if the twins Monroe & Moroccan are moving in too & as for Nick, he has yet to comment.