Why would anyone cover New York's nature, trees, rocks or property with graffiti? We are so fortunate to have such amazing walking, hiking, biking and waterfall destinations here in New York State. Each month we pack a cooler, treats for the pup and set out to explore a new location. What we don't bring is spray paint.

Last week it happened at Hunter Mountain and as the guy tried to get away his vehicle got stuck in a snowbank!

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On November 2nd, the Department of Environmental Conservation got a tip that state property was being defaced at Hunter Mountain. Apparently someone saw a social media post showing graffiti on a lean-to. That's when New York State Rangers started to investigate with their Bureau of Environmental Crimes.


A couple of days later another tip came in that the graffiti "artist" was back at the John Robb lean-to location and Rangers moved to respond. Before they could get to the scene of the crime the suspect took off but he hadn't gone far.

Allegedly, the subject drove up the mountain on Hunter ski resort roads and got stuck in a snowbank at the top of the Kaatskill Flyer chairlift! As a result, Hunter Mountain ski resort staff and New York State Rangers were able to catch up with the man and free his vehicle from the snowbank.

Officers escorted the 39-year-old Brooklyn man down to the ski lodge where they met responding BECI investigators. The suspect was arrested and transported to the New York State Police (NYSP) barracks in Hunter. He was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for making graffiti and violations for defacing rock and natural materials on state land and defacing a DEC structure. The suspect is due back in court on Dec. 15.

New York State Rangers have cleaned up the lean-to.


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