A 40-year-old man from Connecticut got busted by the police for selling drugs out of his motel room.  A Connecticut man, 40-year old Bryan J. Rueli, called Colonie Police to his Travelodge room because someone had taken items from his motel room.

According to News 10, Colonie Police officers responded to the Travelodge on Wolf  Road in Albany, to assist Mr. Rueli with a theft report.  When they responded to his room, they discovered that Mr. Rueli had over 5 grams of methamphetamine packed in seven small bags and some marijuana in his possession.

Police arrested Mr. Rueli and charged him with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the third-degree;  Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance in the seventh- degree; Criminal Use of Drug Paraphernalia in the second-degree; and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

Colonie Justice Andrew Sommers arraigned Mr. Rueli and released him on his own recognizance. This story is really hard to believe.  First of all, a 40-year old man is trying to sell drugs out of his motel room.  He calls the police to report that someone has stolen from him, even though he knows that he is breaking the law himself.

Somehow he allowed the responding officers to see his small bags of methamphetamines inside his motel room. Why would you let the police see the drugs you were trying to sell?  This really just doesn’t make a lot of sense on his part.

I think that Mr. Rueli should give up his drug dealing profession and get a real job.

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