A Saratoga resident was arrested for allegedly making terroristic threats against a local Walmart.

Bomb threats are always taken very seriously and when Gregory Craig, a 64-year old resident of Schenectady, dialed 911 and allegedly threatened to blow up the Walmart in the Town of Wilton, police officers responded immediately.

Officers with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office report that early in the day Mr. Craig was removed from Walmart for an unrelated incident.  Around 4:00 p.m. he dialed 911 and said that there was a bomb in the Walmart.

Shoppers and employees were immediately removed from the Walmart and officers swept the building with canine dogs.  Officers did not find a bomb so shoppers and employees were admitted back into the building.

It didn’t take the officers long to find Mr. Craig.  He was located on his way back to Schenectady on a public bus in Ballston Spa.

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Mr. Craig was arrested without incident and charged with Making a Terroristic Threat which is a class D Felony.  He was arraigned in Stillwater Town Court.

Mr. Craig should not be a threat to Walmart anytime soon because he is being held without bail in the Saratoga County Correctional Facility.  He is scheduled to make a court appearance at the Wilton Town Court sometime at a later date.

It has not been reported why Mr. Craig is having problems with Walmart or why he decided to dial 911 to make a bomb threat.  It doesn’t seem like logical thinking to commit a felony offense at 64-years old.

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