A man arrested for throwing a brick at Police Officer during Albany riot. The man was from Delmar and not Albany, so the first question everyone is going to ask is what was he doing in Albany participating in the riot? A lot of organizations and activists who were involved with the peaceful protest were complaining that outsiders were coming in to create havoc.

That seems like this may be the case with this man James Vail who is 21 and lives in Delmar which is about 10 minutes from downtown Albany. This man is being charged with rioting, criminal mischief, assault, and attempted assault.

There is no telling why James Vail was out there, creating havoc anyways? There have been several reports of agent provocateurs damaging building and vandalism nationwide. Most of these protests were intended to be peaceful. According to News 10, This young man was allegedly caught throwing stones in which one of them allegedly hit a police officer and the other one broke a police car window.

A couple of questions come to mind, how did they figure out he was the one who through the rock? There were a lot of people out there throwing a variety of things at police and police property. Was this young man there to protest or just cause trouble? The main march and protest had already taken place in Washington Park, most of the aftermath that turned to vandalism was down at the Albany Police station on Arch St in South End.

This also feeds into the theory that social media is unraveling that a lot of these looters weren't black or even concerned about racial injustice. Most of the genuine protesters were at the earlier event. Hopefully, this distraction will not take away from the main issue which is the unjust killing of unarmed black people. I have a feeling that James was just out there trying to live out his Grand Theft Auto fantasies.

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