Talk about a blast from the past, I haven't heard of anyone doing this in forever. A man allegedly exposed himself to a woman in Washington Park around 7:30 am Sunday near the Moses statue according to CBS. A woman who reported the flashing to the police. I thought the internet got rid of all people committing these crimes in the late 90s.

Why would anyone walk around exposing themselves when you can do that from the privacy of your own smartphone? The "victim" described the exposer, very generically as a black man with grey and black clothing. As I write this I'm wearing the exact same description of clothes as well. Now, I would like to state for the official record I was nowhere near Washington Park on Sunday at 7:30a. I don't know how reliable the witness testimony is.

The woman should've just taken out her phone and filmed the man since he wanted to be seen, and proceeding to record a video of the "smallest thing I've ever seen". I'm sure he would've put his junk back up after that.

I hope old-fashioned exposure doesn't come back into style. That's way too creepy, not to mention illegal. Women already receive too many unwanted explicit pics from random men, its too much to have men exposing themselves in the street as well. If this is a real crime I hope he apprehended immediately.

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