The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards' Best Hip-Hop Video honor went to 'Can't Hold Us,' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton.

"They let some independent hip-hop artists up here at the V-M-As!" the ecstatic Macklemore screamed to the crowd at Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Barclays Center tonight (Aug. 25). The trio received the Moonman from Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea and Brooklyn rap legend Lil Kim.

"The fact that we are up here with the Moonman is insane," Macklemore said. "We started out with the idea of this flag that represented our journey, this flag that would go around the world, and then we had the ideas. Which was like, I wanna rap on a pirate ship, I need a camel, I need a dude with dreadlocks in an ice cave. And eventually it turned out into a music video."

Taking the mic, Lewis brought the proceedings out of the ice cave and back down to earth, thanking management, friends and family -- and, of course, their fans. "Thank you to all the fans all around the world that are the reason why we are here tonight."

Macklemore quickly grabbed back the mic to send a shout out to his fiancee. But with five more opportunities still left to win another award, odds are good he'll get another chance!

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