Despite his seven nominations this year, Macklemore was almost omitted from the rap categories at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, according to a rumor published by New York Magazine.

Apparently, an unnamed AP source shares that the rap experts on the Grammy voting board tried to omit Macklemore from all categories because they felt his music was more pop than rap.

Songs like 'Thrift Shop' cater to pop audiences versus traditional rap purists, his critics believe. "It's not that they don't think he's a rapper," said the source. "It's just that when you're trying to protect categories and someone has become popular, it should be judged as much. ... Where does their music exist? Who are their fans?"

The feeling was vetoed and the Seattle rhymer was included in several categories. Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis are nominated for awards including Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance, Best Album and Best Song.

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