Lupe Fiasco will have everyone talking about his powerful video for ‘B— Bad,’ which features depictions of blackface and stereotypical images often associated with African-Americans. The Chicago rapper doesn’t want to incite controversy with his clip, he wants to provoke conversations about the negative images found in hip-hop music.

In the Gil Green-directed video, Fiasco narrates the destructive tales of the word “b—” and its psychological affects on children. The clip is broken up into three acts involving young boys and girls who are exposed to the b-word in different settings.

Fiasco then ups the ante by associating blackface with today’s rap videos, which often features a rapper flaunting his wealth alongside a big booty model. Fiasco doesn’t just stop with the video, there’s even a full-fledged website that accompanies the stereotypical rapper promoting his new energy drink Sugar Water. Get ya re-up!

The video ends with a tribute to deceased actor Paul Robeson and the “many black actors who endured the humiliating process of blackface in America.”

“I just wanted to have a conversation, just put it out in the world and then see what happens,” said Fiasco about his video on RapFix Live. “I think it’s something that’s very subtle, the idea of it, the ‘bad b—’ its very subtle, but it definitely has some destructive elements to it, especially when you look at who it’s been marketed towards, and that’s why we put the children in the video.”

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