Every year Princeton Review comes out with the list of the top party schools in the country and every year I look for two things: New York University (my alma mater) and anything local. This year, I was not disappointed.

The Princeton Review ranks colleges and universities in a bunch of different categories including classroom experience, LGBT-friendliness, athletic facilities, dorms, political activity, and apparently the amount they party. I found the list at the Daily Mail, where they went into detail about how they create this list.

Students fill out a survey of 84 questions and then the Review uses that to compare with other schools. To determine "party schools," they ask about "beer consumption, liquor consumption, drug consumption, hours students spend outside of the classroom each day, and the popularity of campus fraternities and sororities."

At the bottom of the scale is Brigham Young (BYU), which is no surprise since it's run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are the top 20 and you may recognize a local one featured this year:

1. University of Delaware

2. West Virginia University

3. Tulane University

4. Syracuse University

5. Bucknell University

6. Lehigh University

7. Cal-Santa Barbara

8. University of Wisconsin-Madison

9. Colgate University

10. University of Rhode Island

11. University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

12. University of Vermont

13. Providence College

14. Wake Forest University

15. Union College

16. University of Maine

17. U. of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

18. University of Florida

19. Florida State University

20. Sonoma State University

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