Former Vice President Joe Biden has been declared President-Elect and local democratic officials turned out to celebrate.

On Saturday Albany County Executive Dan McCoy and Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan gathered at McGeary’s pub in downtown Albany to celebrate the Biden/Harris win.

According to News 6, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says, “We need to come together as one right now and not just celebrate this victory but heal this nation and Joe and Harris will do that”.

Mayor Sheehan said, “I think this is something we are hopeful for. It was really looking good to have it called, finally for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it’s just so exciting. It’s a great great day, not just for New York State but for our entire country.”

Everyone in the Capital Region was not as accepting. Some Trump supporters holding signs that read, “Stop the Steal”, held a peaceful protest in front of the New York State Capital.

Members of the New York Young Republican Club were out during the protest. They point to the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and are looking for the court to overturn the decision and force a recount.

Members of the Capital District Chapter of Civilian Action of New York were also in attendance in front of the statehouse. One member stated that the gathering was initially a protest to count every vote, but then turned into a celebration once the Biden/Harris team was declared winners.

As it stands right now Democrats are happy, and many Republicans are still hopeful that the courts will become involved and the decision will be reversed. We will all just have to keep an eye out to see where this eventually ends up

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