It's no secret that there's a growing heroin epidemic in the capital region. Heroin use has increased across the US among men and women in most age groups and all income levels.

This past Sunday I had an opportunity to donate my time and show support to a local campaign that will create awareness and educate. The "I Hate Heroin Campaign" Launched this past Sunday at Fire n Ice Bar and Grill in Lake George. There were free t-shirts and other giveaways. Most importantly people were invited to come and educate themselves, friends and family about this epidemic.
Shout out to everyone who came to show support, sponsored or donated. Jabes Prado, campaign organizer, announced that they have recently locked in a concert series for local schools and will be looking for students with family in recovery or teens in recovery to help create the show. So look out for their next event . Any questions about the school shows please contact Jabes Prado on Facebook

"We are a public awareness organization, we are here to change hearts and minds. Thank you to all the sponsorship to make this happen. We are not waiting to lose another person so get on or off we are still moving. Just come enjoy our live entertainment and messages."

. They plan on keeping the kids busy and sending a good message.