Who said you need a college degree to be a successful architect!

Sure, in order to build some of the world's most magnificent *real* buildings, you should probably study for a number of years, spend some time as an intern, and start with a structure that is a bit more manageable.

However, the world expands far beyond reality in 2022, and the term "architect" looks a bit different. One "architect" has taken to Minecraft, and has started to build his own version of the Capital Region.

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Reddit user u/GeoffHenderson shared an image in the Reddit group r/Albany of his rendering of the state capital, which he created through the sandbox video game, Minecraft.

u/GeoffHenderson (Reddit)
u/GeoffHenderson (Reddit)

How cool is this?

Created in 2009 and fully released in 2011, Minecraft was a revolutionary game when it was released, and its online world is still very popular. The game is described as a member of the "sandbox" genre, meaning that users can create something from nothing within it.

Sports fans have been very creative with their creations on Minecraft. Check out a few of the best creations of sports arenas by Minecraft architects...

I, for one, wish I had this kind of time on my hands.

The beauty of the above creation of Albany, is in the detail. The specific edges and curves of the architecture, and the slow cascading of the skyline, meeting in the "middle" of downtown with the Agency Buildings, is nothing short of remarkable.

Mr. Henderson's creation is nothing short of spectacular, and we're all left hoping that slowly, but surely, we get to see more of its majesty.

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