Offset's just gotten a new acting opportunity thanks to a recommendation from LL Cool J.

On Thursday (Feb. 27), CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles released a behind-the-scenes interview with the cast to talk about the Migos rapper's new acting role an upcoming episode of the popular crime drama. The rap veteran explained how he helped 'Set land the role.

"Offset and I, we've been talking on and off," LL Cool J explained. "He kinda came to me and was like 'Yo I would like to be involved with it.' One thing led to another. You know they did their process went through their thing and here we are. When you're a rap artist, they think you're gonna play a gangster or a thug or you're gonna play something closer to the streets. And he's completely away from all of that."

In the episode, Kulture's dad stars as Kadri Kashan Khan, who's an undercover CIA Officer that has been working for years in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Khan embeds himself within the local tribes by smuggling contraband so that he can monitor terrorists and weapons movements in that region. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell's characters recruit Khan to help rescue one of their own who's been captured and held for ransom in the Sinai Peninsula.

"I really hollered at him and was like 'Yo this is what I want to do,'" Offset said. "I didn't ever wanna come into acting and be like put in this category of being the bad guy all the time. I wanted to show that I can do anything that someone sets in front of me."

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Offset joins the cast of NCIS LA in his debut acting role as a deep undercover agent.

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The episode will also feature the premiere of Offset’s new song, “Danger.” There's no confirmation where the single may end up, but it'll definitely get fans hyped for the rapper's bars on his group's upcoming album Culture III.

Catch Offset on NCIS: Los Angeles on March 1 at 9 p.m EST on CBS. Watch the entire interview below.

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