For many, David Banner's first introduction to the world was through his 2003 hit "Like a Pimp," an ode to the pimpin' lifestyle. Who would have guessed that 13 years later Banner would be one of the more outspoken MCs when it comes to race and politics in the United States.

On his latest cut, "The Cross," the Jackson, Mississippi rapper tackles religion, the prison-industrial complex and more heavy subject matter. Towards the end of the track, he splices in a Malcolm X speech to get his message across. No word yet if the track will appear on his upcoming album The God Box. Check it out above.

Last week, the producer/MC donated a studio to the Boys and Girls Club in his hometown. "I come back because I love the way I feel when I come in here," Banner said. "Now you see that I can give back, hopefully one of y'all can get popping from this studio and come back and give some more money."

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