Momma Joyce has been under a lot of scrutiny for her anti-Todd antics on RHOA, speaking out on her daughter Kandi Burruss's fiance now husband.  Momma Joyce was also turned up at the Part 2 reunion last night of RHOA. But what else is momma sayin? This time she weighs in on the Porsha-Kenya feud & you have got to hear this! Momma don't lie! [VIDEO]


Momma Joyce really wants that peach & to be a housewife I think LOL! She had a lot of air time this season, mostly actin ratchet for an older lady with her old lady gang (her sisters, Kandi's aunts)! She was in attendance for her daughter's nuptuals earlier this month, surprisingly,  to Todd Tucker who she was very vocal about this season, disapproving of the relationship.

Momma don't bite her tongue, that's fo' sho!  She weighed in on the Porsha -Kenya catfight during the season 6 RHOA reunion & Miss Joyce had more to say on the origins of the fight. “I think that was all about jealousy,” she muses. “I think Kenya’s just jealous of Porsha. You look at Porsha and look and Kenya and Porsha outweighs Kenya two to one.”  BOOP!

“I’m serious!” Joyce insists, not backing down. “They both are beautiful, but Porsha outweighs Kenya two to one — plus she’s 10 years younger. Porsha is what Kenya wishes she was 10 years ago.”  “Kenya is beautiful, I’m not taking that away from her,” Kandi’s mama elaborates. “But Porsha’s got the body behind it. When you see them really face-to-face, Porsha is a brick house.”

WOW! Momma ain't never lie! Hilarious! Someone finally said it thank goodness! LMAO Momma looks good after losin all that weight too!

Here's what else uncensored Momma Joyce said: Check out this interview with her daughter Kandi Burruss:







photo credit: Kandi Burruss Instagram