Rapper Meek Mill is known for his dirt bike skills on the streets of Philadelphia, but how is he on a skateboard? Well, it doesn't look promising.

In a video posted on Bread Over Bed, Milly gets a skateboard tutorial from none other than Lil Wayne. An avid skater, Weezy has been toying with the skateboard for about 2 years now.

Outside of the famed Hit Factory studio in Miami, Tunechi gives the MMG rhymer a few pointers of how to jump off the ramp on his skateboard. Unfortunately, Meek wasn't successful. After taking a huge spill, the 'Levels' rapper quit and decided to focus on handling the mic rather than doing tricks on a skateboard.

"I bust my ass, my back feels like it's broke," he told DJ Scoob Doo after his wipeout.

This footage is part of a documentary by DJ Scoob Doo for his Triple OG DVD. The video will include appearances from Birdman, Future, Drake, Jadakiss, Redman and more.