Lil Wayne is still on the attack against his former mentor Birdman and isn't going down without a fight. According to TMZ, Weezy is blaming Birdman's incompetence for the possible departure of Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Lil Tunechi is linking Birdman to the mishandling of Drizzy and Queen Barbz's finances. Despite the label grossing so much money over the years, their biggest stars still haven't been properly compensated. With Birdman owing a multitude of his artists' money, Wayne thinks that there's a great chance that their cash cows -- Drake and Nicki -- will most likely abandon ship, leaving Birdman to fend for himself.

Drake hasn't come out and outwardly accuse Birdman of stealing money from him, but on his last project, If You're Reading This, It's Too Late, the "6God" rapper addressed his label issues on "Star67." "Walk up in my label like, where the check though? / Yeah I said it, wouldn't dap you with left h-," he raps.

With Birdman now on the outs with all of his superstars, you have to wonder what he's going to do next, especially with all of these allegations pressed against him.

You can only imagine what Wayne has in store for him lyrically on his next release, the Free Weezy Album,, which will drop on July 4.

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