The concept of Lil Uzi Vert's memorable cover art for his new song "That Way" off his new No. 1 album was allegedly swiped from another artist.

On Saturday (March 14), a Korean artist who runs the Instagram account hugeriver8 hit up his timeline to accuse the Eternal Atake rapper of swiping the idea for his song's cover art from a painting he previously made. In the photo he uploaded, the artist places both pieces of art side by side and vented his thoughts about how Uzi got the idea. Afterward, Uzi himself responded to the accusation in the comments.

"Hey I’m not a mean person or a thief I get inspired a lot," Uzi wrote. "If you want Money I will have my team contact and give you Money. Signed… Baby Pluto. P.S. You are a great artist."

hugeriver8 via Instagram

The artist explained that he posted the original painting on his blog six years ago. He also states that the painting is eligible for commercial or non-commercial use, but "not for anything else."

"I am very upset that I have to write such an article," the artist wrote in his Instagram caption. "I saw lil uzi vert's latest album cover art and it was very similar to my painting. My picture was posted on my blog six years ago, and it is possible to use it for profile pictures or non-commercial purposes, but it is not allowed to use anything else. Now I'm very embarrassed and don't want to let this go."

After Uzi's response, the artist who made the "That Way" cover, known as artxstic on Instagram, admitted that he made a mistake in the matter. He also issued a statement in a personal Instagram Story post.

artxstic via Instagram

XXL has reached out to Lil Uzi Vert's camp for comment.

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