21 Savage is a bit under the weather and people keep telling the rapper he might have the dreaded coronavirus.

The Atlanta rapper hopped on Instagram on Saturday (March 14), and told fans about what he's been going through.

"I been breaking down my symptoms I been feeling and shit. Everybody keep talking 'bout it sound like coronavirus," he said via Instagram Story. "So I say, 'Okay, say less.' Where could I have received this coronavirus from? So I go to thinking about my schedule. Okay, where I went? Okay, we went to the club the other night. So I'm like, ain't no way in hell I caught it in the club, 'cause I know it ain't just skipped over and came straight to me type shit."

He added, "'Cause it's like, damn, whoever the higher power is, bruh, I know its 60, 70 fuck niggas in the club. I came with some of the fuck niggas. So, I know it's a good amount of fuck niggas in the club tonight. Ain't no way in hell this shit done skipped over all these fuck niggas and just landed right on me."

The Grammy-winning rapper said all the COVID-19 talk spooked him to the point where he finally decided he should get a check up.

"So I go to describe what I need," he continued. "I'm just describing regular like...it feels like I have a sinus cold. That's what I'm describing. It don't matter what I describe. If I describe anything during these times, it's already, 'Oh, he got the coronavirus.' I can call them folks and say whatever, they still gon' say, 'coronavirus.'"

The spread of the coronavirus has been the biggest news topic worldwide as it has turned into a global pandemic. On Monday night (March 2), Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced via press conference that two first two cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed in the Atlanta metro area, prompting a comment from 2 Chainz. Since then, more Atlanta cases have been confirmed.

The spread of the virus continues to affect the live music industry as several festivals have been postponed or canceled.

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