Lil Pump is having a long week, and it's only Tuesday.

He recently made headlines when he posted a video of him roasting a cop after he was kicked out of his hotel room. And just a day later, he has another video that is being circulated of him throwing a microphone at a fan during one of his shows.

On Monday night (Dec. 11), Lil Pump had a concert in Wallingford, Connecticut. All was going well until a fan in the audience allegedly threw something onto the stage. In the video, we see Lil Pump abruptly stop his performance to address the situation.

"You think you funny? Come up here and do that shit pussy," Pump says.

Before security has a chance to react, Pump throws his microphone at the audience member and leaves the stage. Not long after the incident Pump went on Instagram Live to address the video.

"If you was at that Connecticut show...shit ended 'cause some stupid ass nigga thought he was funny and he threw some shit onstage and he got his ass socked," Pump explained.

While he didn't give much of a background story, he did apologize to the fans. "I'm sorry to everybody...the show got shut down or whatever. I'll make it up to y'all. I love y'all."

Watch the video clip of Lil Pump vs. fan above, and check out Pump roasting a police officer below.


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