Lil Pump doesn't seem to understand how dangerous lighting blunts at the gas pump can be.

TMZ spotted Pump outside of Hyde nightclub in L.A. on Wednesday night (May 22) and asked him about the controversial video he recently posted. The video in question features the Gucci Gang rapper blowing smoke from his blunt into a gas pump at a gas station. Although most people know what happens when even the smallest amount of fire touches gasoline, Pump says he'll keep doing it regardless.

"We do that on the regular," Pump told TMZ. "I've seen people in my comments like 'What's wrong with you?' and I'm like 'There's something wrong with that?'"

It's not clear from the video whether or not he's serious or just trolling. Either way, it doesn't sound like he cares too much about the comments about what he does or says.

Earlier this month (May 14), the 18-year-old used an Instagram Story to claim that no one has achieved what he has at the age of 18, and folks promptly called him out.

“Nobody has done what I’ve done at da age of 18[.] I’ve broke records on YouTube, platinum records[.] So suck my dick," Pump wrote with a smiley face emoji at the end.

Watch Lil Pump smoke his blunt at the gas pump and catch him trying to defend his actions below.

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