Directioners are a bit worried about Liam Payne, who often takes the role of the levelheaded and responsible spokesman and "dad" of the boy band.

Reports emerged online that the One Direction cutie was behaving in a dangerous fashion over the weekend and it caused a flurry of concerned tweets.

Payne is said to have imbibed heartily and gotten drunk at Zayn Malik's birthday bash in London over the weekend. Payne and his crew crashed the party and then retreated to his crib afterwords to enjoy some video game action. They had the itch to go out again, so they hit the clubs.

He was said to be so intoxicated that he ignored his lady love Sophia Smith. Jeez. Wassup with dat?

But that's not all. A friend posted pics of Payne on the balcony of his London apartment.

This is the pic that has fans terrified for his safety, and we understand the concern. If he was inebriated and standing up on a high ledge, he could have fallen. Fans were tweeting that they were going to have heart attacks and their hands were sweaty with fear. What can we say -- that's Directioner love and it knows no bounds.

For his part, LP seemed ok, tweeting about rap battles.

Now that is something we'd have liked to hear.

We're glad that the Directioners are so concerned about Liam and love him so much, but take it easy. Liam is the backbone of the group. He might let loose here and there but he's probably not doing stuff that will endanger his life. Remember how quickly he reacted when a fire broke out at his home?

Watch Video of Liam Payne at the Club