Maybe you want a safe place to unleash fury when you are just ticked off? A new place called Riot Room is coming for your needs.

Instead of throwing a glass object across the living room to let off steam, and then inevitably becoming angry at yourself, try this place out. Riot Room is what Times Union is describing as a mobile rage room. You literally get to go in for 10 minutes and smash things to get rid of the anger and release the energy.

I thought there is no way that you will be able to go into a place and smash actual things. I was imagining more along the lines of foam objects or things that can be rebuilt fairly easily, nope. You go into a 16 foot long trailer and smash glass, ceramics and even monitors. I hope they are the old school computer monitors, those are always fun to break.

You will be provided protection gear too so no worries on that end. Riot Room also may have the best business slogan ever. "Break S***, Have Fun". Read more about their launch here.

ViaPort Mall in Rotterdam will be the location of Riot Room and an opening is scheduled for April 12th.

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