Lena Waithe Talks Black Girls Rock, Humility New Projects + More

Actor/producer Lena Waithe dropped by the studio to talk about upcoming projects, her award reception at 'Black Girls Rock' and more.

- Speech at black girls rock

- What else does liberation look like for you

- How has reception of Chicago been about the chi

- Does Lena get tired - always grinding

- Not being able to be private in public

- Winning awards

- Wearing LGBT kilt at award show

- How does Lena stay humble

- Lena on horror project

- Lena and Kid Fury developing comedy series

- Importance of knowing your purpose

- What's missing on tv

- The want/need for a black show - making show from the soul

- Not being exclusive to one network

- Being Ava's PA, Ava honors her at black girls rock

Watch the full interview below:

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