Lady Gaga shared video of her Parisian exploits in Gaga Vision No. 45. Dressed in all black with long blond hair a la Donatella Versace, Gaga arrived in town with style and class, and she sipped libations, sniffed roses and enjoyed general opulence.

Of course she fingered and gawked at racks of fashions and donned other outfits, like a red hooded robe.

'Mambo Italiano' blasts in the background, celebrating both her heritage and that of the Versace house that she reps.

She donned (or donatella'ed) a form-fitting dress and even struck the model's pose while laying on the ground and receiving help getting the frock off her body. While that may look like diva behavior, sometimes a gal just needs a little help getting undressed and not because she wants to get down with a dude.

Oh, fashion.

Notice how utterly pro Gaga is. She was able to keep her arm strategically placed over her boobies to prevent flashing her knockers. She carefully avoided having a nip slip for the camera.