Lady Gaga x Britney Spears? Are the two divas from different generations of pop music plotting something that might blow our minds? That could very well be the case. Or not.

Gaga, who attempted to make out with Brit Brit back at the 2011 VMAs while posing as her Jo Calderone alter ego, tweeted that she was headed off to see Britney B---h on Saturday night (Feb. 1).

Sure, it's beyond plausible that Ma Monster could have been headed to Sin City simply to see Brit's Las Vegas residency show and enjoy a night in Las Vegas and that's it. Several fans tweeted about witnessing Gaga take in the Brit live spectacle that night.

But we'd like to believe and hope that something deeper is going on. Perhaps the two were perhaps in cahoots for a collabo or a song of some sorts? Who knows what could have happened backstage, after the big show. Let's hope it was... something!

Below are Gaga's tweets. She looks gorgeous with her long blond locks and sunglasses. There's also and adorable picture here.

Brit also tweeted that Gaga was coming to see her.

And more tweets. So cute that Brit's dad made BBQ for them!