Kodak Black found himself helping a woman whose car flipped over on the highway on Wednesday night (March 6), reports Florida's Sun-Sentinel.

During an Instagram Live session, Kodak can be seen approaching a woman who's just been involved in a car accident. “Y’all see this shit, man? And they’re playing my music on the radio,” he said. “Damn, dog! Somebody just flipped over dog! Look at this lady, man.”

From there, we see a car on its side in a grassy ditch on the highway. The female driver is standing up in the car and is asking for assistance. “You alright? You OK? Want me to help you?” Kodak asked the woman.

From there, Kodak appears to help the driver get out of the car while another woman runs up and repeatedly asks if there’s anyone else is in the car. It’s unclear, but one of the women asked if he’s Kodak, and the rapper replies, “Yeah, I’m Kodak.”

The Florida rapper then tells the other woman to call the police and reassures the driver that someone is calling 911.

There's no word on the condition of the driver but salute to Kodak for being a good samaritan and coming to the aid of the driver.

You can watch Kodak Black helping out the driver in the car accident in the video below.

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