Kanye West is a huge grab for 'Saturday Night Live,' but the show is notorious for skewering his future baby mama, Kim Kardashian. They were scared of making him angry with their parodies, but still wanted to see if he'd participate in some sketches.

A compromise? Having Kardashian appear with him on the show!

“Kanye as musical guest is a great get for 'SNL,' but of course the writers want to push the envelope and take advantage of it with a Kim Kardashian skit,” an NBC source told Radar Online. “That’s not unusual since her famous family has been spoofed before with some very hilarious and spot-on impersonations of a whining Kim. They have to tread lightly because Kanye hasn’t been happy with all the flack Kim’s been getting about her pregnancy weight gain.

That's fair enough -- body shaming isn't cool anyway.

“It’s definitely going to be a challenge -- the writers don’t want to p--- off Kanye so they’re prepared not to cross the line, but they will go as far as they can," the source added. “The writers are pushing real hard for an over-the-top skit and the producers are there to reel them right back in if they go too far. Normally the writers have free reign and just go for it, but there has to be some boundaries when your musical guest is Kanye and he’s super sensitive about the constant Kim bashing."

The source then revealed, "They've come up with a win-win scenario where Kim actually gets a cameo at the end of the skit. That would probably make everyone in Kanye’s camp -- and especially Kim -- very happy.”

We bet Kardashian will be thrilled -- the girl literally and figuratively lives for the cameras (kameras?), so this seems like a great solution for everyone involved. And it's going to be very interesting to see what the notoriously egocentric Yeezy will do in comedy!

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