Remember when Stacy Barthe went fishing with us? Well, now she's back to let us know she understands there are just some days where the devil is all in the way. In her new video for ' Hell Yeah!' the songstress touches on society's ills with the help of Rick Ross. Yet she's out to prove tomorrow will bring a better outcome. "They say we living in hell here, hell yeah," she sings. "When will all this senseless violence end / When will it be safe for people to live again / Tax the poor almost half to death while the rich live lavish / We're just dying to live." Dressed in a furry purple vest and some eye-catching hats, Barthe's powerful vocals support images of drugs, the homeless and a family arguing. But not all hope is lost. The chanteuse finds solace in church, a place where "ain't nobody crying" and "ain't nobody dying." Ross also delivers promising verses in the house of worship. "Got me running the streets / Tell me the sky is the limit / Pray I'm going to heaven and God make me a tenant / Seen some hard times but really we all fine / Til the day that I'm gone just know that the game mine / Felon that fell in love, know the devil is a liar / Beautiful is the day, can't imagine tomorrow," he raps. 'Hell Yeah!' rests on the songwriter's 'P.S. I Love You' EP. The project is a precursor to her debut album, which will arrive via John Legend‘s Homeschool Records, Barthe’s company Stellar Music Inc., and Motown.