Kid Cudi may have some issues with Kanye West and Drake, but behind the scenes he’s going through his own personal struggle as it relates to his family. The Cudder is embroiled in a heated custody battle with his child’s mother.

The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Cudi’s baby mama, Jacqueline Munyasya, has filed an order of protection against the rapper because she’s in fear of her life. The couple’s custody battle stretches back to 2010 when Munyasya sued Cudi for back child support payments.

After a back-and-forth battle, Cudi gave up his fight for joint custody and Munyasya was awarded primary physical custody of their baby daughter Vada and the rapper was to pay child support. It appears everything was amicable between the pair for several years until recently when Munyasya filed an order of protection.

In her motion, she accused the Ohio rapper of sending threatening and harassing messages to her, which has caused her emotional distress. Munyasya alleges that Cuid texted her in excess of 168 messages – between August 11 and 14 – in which he threatened to call child services on her and serve her with legal papers for sole custody of their daughter. She claims the constant harassment has left her paralyzed in fear.

The judge has granted Munyasya an order of protection against Cudi which stays in effect until Aug. 18, 2017. According to the document, Cudi is to stay away from his baby mama and not communicate with her via text, e-mails, phone calls or through third parties.

Attorneys for Kid Cudi had no comment on the matter. Hopefully, the pair can settled their differences amicably and focus on raising their child without the drama.

You can read the the entire documents at

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