Kevin Gates has been out of prison since January, but the rapper still seems to be adjusting to life outside of jail. The Baton Rouge, La. rhymer stopped by Los Angeles' Real 92. 3 on Tuesday (Aug. 7) for an interview with hosts Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed that was anything but smooth.

Nearly four minutes into the 13-minute sit-down, Gates was already over the entire chat, telling the hosts he wasn't prepared for an interview. "Look, I'm not tryin' to be short with y'all, but I really wasn't prepared to no interview," he said. "I'm working right now. Luca Brasi 3, that's all I can think about right now."

Realizing Gates had no desire to be there, the hosts continued to do their best to keep the interview going until the rapper said he felt like he was in an interrogation. "Ayy, no disrespect, how long we gotta do this," Gates asked. "I just come out of jail, I didn't even get time to transition and I feel like I'm being interrogated... Like I'm talkin' with an attorney."

Gates and DJ Hed also ran into a bit of an issue when Hed lightly tapped the rapper on his arm while talking, which Gates took offense to. "And please don't touch me again," the "Vouch" rapper told the host.

Gates is currently preparing for the release of his Luca Brasi 3 mixtape, which he announced in July. "I been workin' my ass off. I think I probably did like, what, five songs," he said at the time. "I'm 'bout to drop Luca Brasi 3... I'm really scared, but I got so much music... Just gon' flood the streets. Fuck it."

Check out Kevin Gates' interview with Real 92. 3 below.

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