Kevin Gates probably has a few complaints, but he won't be able to say that the press ignores him. The Baton Rouge rapper, who leveraged a regional buzz into national fame with a pair of 2013 mixtapes, is prepping for the release of his major label debut album, Islah, slated for this Friday (Jan. 29). But during his appearance on this morning's edition of The Breakfast Club, there were more pressing issues to get to first: namely, canines and Instagram.

As soon as the "4:30 a.m." star sat down in the studio, Charlamagne Tha God explained that he had initially been hesitant to let Gates return to the show. The often-controversial host cited Gates' behavior online, believing it was bizarre and attention-seeking. Charlamagne pointed in particular to the infamous video where the rapper claims to have kicked a woman out of his house because she wouldn't fellate his dog. But to hear Gates tell it, it was merely "an analogy."

"That ain't really happen like that," he explains. "I was bullshitting. [The girl] was a good friend of mine. I was bullshitting--what I was saying was, 'You oughta be trying to suck the dog dick, because he loyal.'"

From the online behavior, the discussion turned to the incident in which Gates is caught on video, appearing to kick a woman who he says touched his genitals during a performance.

In his recent interview with XXL, Gates explained the most important recent development in his life. "Marriage is the most wonderful thing ever," he says. "Like I be looking at women different. Dreka would come to me and sometimes say, “Kevin, thank you.” And I would be like, “No, thank you.” She be like, “No, Kevin, thank you for giving me a wonderful life.” I say, “Dreka, you gave me a wonderful life because you was the first muthafucka to put me in college. I would of never went to college or never have the mentality to get out the ghetto if it wasn’t for you. You the woman who made me want to live a better life and be better. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

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