So Kendrick Lamar finally drops his much anticipated fourth Album "Damn". Now I cant lie I never been a die hard Kendrick fan however I do rock with Kendrick and to say the least he definitely got a couple tracks I can vibe out too and will put on repeat.

It's  true fact that Kendrick is an artist that really loves the game and knows his lane and it shows in his work.I do like the old Kendrick better and I feel like with his recent studio album I wanted that real raw Kendrick that I remember listening too back in the day and whalah Kendrick brought that old K.Dot back with this Album. I like the creativity behind the album because all of Kendricks projects are created in away to tell some time of story.

My favorite tracks off this album will have to be

1) *Loyalty ft Rhianna is a fire-ass track. Everything about it is dope so Imma say less.

2) *DNA this track is raw and you can tell that old K.Dot is back

3) Feel I don't why but I feel like Kendrick made this track for me because I dead feel the same way about alot of things he mentioned on this track

4) *Humble is the latest single that's getting all the play right now and yes the video is fire.

5) *Love I love this song. Its chill laid back and its the type of son you can vibe out too far real.

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