Dr. Dre’s swan song album, Compton, is finally here and it has already become a fan favorite of 2015. Two songs that have everyone riled up are "Darkside/Gone" and "Deep Water." On both tracks, it appears that Kendrick Lamar is taking shots at Drake.

On “Darkside/Gone,” the Compton rhymer talks about his newfound success and those who want to stop him from holding the mic. Possibly referencing Drake’s song “Energy," Lamar raps, “But still I got enemies giving me energy I wanna fight now / Subliminally sent to me all of this hate / I thought I was holding the mic down."

On “Deep Water,” Lamar references both Drizzy's hit "Started From the Bottom" and his 2014 song "6 God."

"Motherf---er know I started from the bottom" and "They liable to bury him, they nominated six to carry him / They worrying him to death, but he's no vegetarian / The beef is on his breath, inheriting the drama better than / A great white, n----, this is life in my aquarium,” he raps.

Fans are jumping to conclusions that Lamar is throwing major shade at the Canadian rap star. Although no one at Top Dawg Entertainment has confirmed that Lamar is dissing Drake and K. Dot hasn't sounded off on the matter, many are hoping that a lyrical feud between the two rap titans will pop off.

Check out fans' reactions below.

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