At a concert in Alabama, at the Hangout Festival. Kendrick Lamar invites a white female fan on stage to sing, “M.A.A.D City.” A song which repeats the “N-word” 22 times in its lyrics. The young lady named Delaney forgot she was not alone in her room with the door shut, or in her car with the windows up driving down a dark, back road.

She sang along with the song forgetting to bleep out one necessary word, the most important word, Delaney repeatedly repeated the “N-Word.”. As the crowd begun to get angry, in the middle of his performance Kendrick stop the concert. "You gotta bleep one single word," he warned her.

She appeared not to realize why she had been stopped, and asked: "Am I not cool enough for you, bro?" Her question was answered as the crowd Booed loudly. She apologized, saying: "Oh I'm sorry, did I do it?" Going against the crowd suggesting she should be removed from the stage – Kendrick gave her a second chance.

Would it be ever acceptable for white people to use the “N-Word?’

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